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Hot! Fuzz!

1 Aug

It’s been pretty dadgum hot around here – several days in a row of 100+ degree temps (including one where the heat index broke 120), and… there’s fuzz growing on all of our Cucurbitacea (that’s squash, zucchini, cucumbers and the like; I learned that word once back when I, along with a handful of food-interested, and possibly too-geeky-for-our-own-good, friends had a cucurbitacea-themed pot luck a few years back. I made butternut squash ravioli from scratch. Totally good, total pain in the butt, especially without one of those nifty pasta machines to make uniform dough). But if you’re reading this, you’re not interested in tales of calorie-fueled nerd-dom (seriously, we once fashioned a double-blind study to determine whose mac and cheese was best), you’re reading this because you’d like to know what’s happening in our garden. Continue reading


Purple Fingers and Lots o’ Plants!

8 Jun
Mulberry in '12

This House Votes Mulberry

Once again, we’ve gone more than a week without an update. Things have been hot here in the Mid-Atlantic region, which means that it’s been a productive couple of weeks outside. Not only that, but Panda and I have been active. There was a trip down to Mississippi for my dad’s family reunion last week, and a number of things of other things that I’ll get to in the rest of this post.

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