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Seeds I Forgot to Mention

8 Mar

Since I didn’t get around to posting that last post until two weeks after the actual construction/planting, I remembered to mention that I was planning to plant more seeds that day. Then failed to follow through on the documentation. So, what we planted on Sunday, March 6, 2011:

Black Beauty Eggplant4xBlack Beauty Eggplant @ 3.5 inch spacing. I don’t really have a picture to share here though (I suppose I could take a picture of my clever little tag to mark where the seeds are. Maybe I’ll update with that at some point.) But because I like to keep this thing multimedia-ish, the photo to the left is one I found that’s Creative Commons licensed (Courtesy of WFIU in Indiana).

These went into the same commercially-available seed-starting medium as the hot and sweet peppers (same tray, in fact, since there was still room).

Also, one of our Jalapeno plants has popped its little head up above the soil! Something’s working about what we’re doing! That tiny little sprout already has me thinking about the salsa we want to make this summer…