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I’d probably be bad at farming

12 Apr The Good Gardener
The Good Gardener

The Good Gardener Planting Carrots

Mostly because I’m constantly forgetting things. Like the other night, when we were planting the carrots, Panda pointed out the (broken) rake I’d failed to throw in the garbage that was hanging on the side of the swing set.  And then on her way back from the trash can, picked up the ax I’d left leaning against a tree and took it back to its home in the shed. All the while, I also forgot to plant as many carrots as I’d meant to, and last week I was supposed to plant arugula but had somehow convinced myself that it wasn’t in our plans for this year’s garden, despite the fact that its in the spreadsheet – both in the “planting and care” tab and on the “garden plan” layout. If I’m gonna make a spreadsheet, I should remember that its only useful as a planning tool if I return to it from time to time to make sure that I’m actually following the plan.

In any case, here’s what I planted last night after work:

  • 6 more square feet of Cosmic Purple Carrots (~192 seeds, but more likely somewhere between that and ~288; carrot seeds are tiny – its hard to make sure there are exactly two per hole), again at ~1″ spacing, plan is to thin them to 16 plants per square foot
  • 9 squares of Arugula (Somewhere between ~432 seeds and ~576 seeds; arugula seeds are tinier than carrot seeds. I think I probably got somewhere between 3 and 4 seeds per hole despite my best intentions of putting only 2 in), also at ~1″ spacing with a plan to thin them to 16 plants per square foot.

Up top, there’s a picture of the good farmer in our family planting carrot seeds from Sunday night. And here’s an after shot, happy, watching Puppersmith-Jones run after his ball.

Watching the Wonderpup

Wondering why her eyes aren't closed this time?


Collards and Chard and Okra!

4 Apr

Oh my!

New seeds just went in the (indoor) ground again today. Meanwhile, the spinach seeds we planted a couple weeks ago have started sprouting their heads up above the ground, which is reassuring me about the ability of what seems like uber-crappy-clay-y soil to grow stuff. Either that or the green seedlings poking up are grass growing back where there used to be grass. Which I would be less thrilled about. I’m utterly convinced that there are a number of things that we’re doing the “hard way” because of some sort of ill-defined philosophical bent. In any case, here’s what went into the seed-starting medium downstairs today:

  • 8 x Hill Country Heirloom Red Okra @ ~3.5″ spacing
  • 8 x Variegated Collards @ ~1.5″ spacing
  • 30 x Rainbow (Five Color Silverbeet) Swiss Chard @ ~1″ spacing.

FYI – the tomatoes are rocking the seedlings this last week. Meanwhile, only one little basil has courageously poked her head above the ground. Hopefully her siblings will follow soon. The peppers and eggplant all seem to be rockin’ out with their socks off though.

Seeds I Forgot to Mention

8 Mar

Since I didn’t get around to posting that last post until two weeks after the actual construction/planting, I remembered to mention that I was planning to plant more seeds that day. Then failed to follow through on the documentation. So, what we planted on Sunday, March 6, 2011:

Black Beauty Eggplant4xBlack Beauty Eggplant @ 3.5 inch spacing. I don’t really have a picture to share here though (I suppose I could take a picture of my clever little tag to mark where the seeds are. Maybe I’ll update with that at some point.) But because I like to keep this thing multimedia-ish, the photo to the left is one I found that’s Creative Commons licensed (Courtesy of WFIU in Indiana).

These went into the same commercially-available seed-starting medium as the hot and sweet peppers (same tray, in fact, since there was still room).

Also, one of our Jalapeno plants has popped its little head up above the soil! Something’s working about what we’re doing! That tiny little sprout already has me thinking about the salsa we want to make this summer…

First Planting!

6 Mar

In this first year of trying to grow some of our own food, it seems crazy to me that now, in early February (I started writing this back when we actually planted the seeds – February 13th -I’m only just now getting around to posting though because it took me this long to manage to get downstairs and take a picture of the growing table. Today, March 6, eggplant seeds are going into the dirt too.), Panda and I have already put some seeds in dirt that we hope to eat the fruits of this summer. But before I get into the details of all that, there are a few other things I want to brag about. Continue reading