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Good Things Come to Those that Wait

28 Apr

Buffet redo full shotI inherited an old buffet from a past relationship that, while practical, was really ugly.  I carted it from house to house with more than a little reluctance.

This last summer I decided it was time to do something with the thing.  It was either going to get lost in the move or it was going to be rehabilitated. I stripped the nasty, very dark stain and discovered beautiful wood.  I though the whole thing was a veneer, but it turns out to be really nice under there.  However, I somewhat overestimated my ability to find time for projects that summer.  Something about buying a house really ate up all my time. Anyhow, because I was somewhat distracted I ended up leaving the whole thing outside for a month or so. With a tarp over it. Did I mention the rain?

In any case, my newly-discovered beautiful piece of furniture was now covered in mildew stains.  Well, not entirely covered, just the top bit.  Disappointed was putting it mildly, but as I mentioned before, I wasn’t exactly rolling in time.  I considered telling the movers to chuck it, but in the end we carted it to yet another house and politely instructed our guests to ignore the big, mildew-stained piece of furniture in the dining room.

buffet redo doneNow, almost 10 months later, I decided to take on the mildew and finally finish the damn thing.  I read online lots about removing mildew from untreated wood, but it mostly pointed me in the direction of power washers and oxalic acid. Instead, I used bleach to kill the stuff, but it greyed the wood a bit and didn’t remove all the stains. So, then I took the sandpaper to it and took off the rest.  To finish it, I used tung oil.

So now, nearly eight years later, I actually have a something I like to look at. Another small victory.