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Game on!

11 Jun Yummerific!

I got drafted last June. Then spent a little time in the Grapefruit Leagues over the winter. (Although there was a lot more orange and meyer lemon than grapefruit for me). Now, the 2011 canning season is officially on, and I’m batting somewhere around .840 (clearly still riding around in a bus league, but not bad, all the same). As I hinted at the end of the last post, Panda and I went out and picked a metric butt-ton of strawberries over Memorial Day weekend. This is all about what happened to those strawberries. Continue reading


A Weekend Chock Full o’ Projects

2 May

So, Panda’s in Africa again, which means it was a project weekend for Puppersmith and me. First off, we plowed the back forty (i.e. we double-dug the second – of two – garden beds. Its the back forty because it’s the one further from the house, though maybe it should be the back 33, since it’s only 33 square feet). We also got the lawn mowed, bought a bunch of asparagus, and canned a bunch of asparagus. Continue reading