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A Weekend Chock Full o’ Projects

2 May

So, Panda’s in Africa again, which means it was a project weekend for Puppersmith and me. First off, we plowed the back forty (i.e. we double-dug the second – of two – garden beds. Its the back forty because it’s the one further from the house, though maybe it should be the back 33, since it’s only 33 square feet). We also got the lawn mowed, bought a bunch of asparagus, and canned a bunch of asparagus. Continue reading


A lot of digging and a few more seeds

20 Mar

Seriously. A lot of digging. All in an 11’x3′ area. Today, I double-dug the first of our vegetable garden beds (using the method prescribed by John Jeavons). There’s a lot of sweat involved in that. Our soil is super clay-y, so much so that I ended up breaking our spading fork about half-way through. The compost we added to the soil wasn’t quite finished, but I think it’ll help. And there were a LOT of worms crawling around down there who promise to help finish the job, even though I accidentally cut some of their friends in half.

In other news, we started more seeds this weekend. Indoors, we started tomatoes and basil, outdoors we started some spinach.


  • Cherokee Purple x 10
  • Matt’s Wild Cherry x3 (seriously, did you think we could pass that variety up when we saw it on the shelf at Maple Ave?)


  • Anise-Scented x5


  • Bloomsdale x 54 (two per hole, we’re hoping for 27 plants)

And that’s all, for now. I’ll take some pictures of the garden bed soon – maybe after things have (fingers crossed) started coming up.