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Hot! Fuzz!

1 Aug

It’s been pretty dadgum hot around here – several days in a row of 100+ degree temps (including one where the heat index broke 120), and… there’s fuzz growing on all of our Cucurbitacea (that’s squash, zucchini, cucumbers and the like; I learned that word once back when I, along with a handful of food-interested, and possibly too-geeky-for-our-own-good, friends had a cucurbitacea-themed pot luck a few years back. I made butternut squash ravioli from scratch. Totally good, total pain in the butt, especially without one of those nifty pasta machines to make uniform dough). But if you’re reading this, you’re not interested in tales of calorie-fueled nerd-dom (seriously, we once fashioned a double-blind study to determine whose mac and cheese was best), you’re reading this because you’d like to know what’s happening in our garden. Continue reading


Apre le Deluge…

18 Jul

Le jardin.

As promised, I skipped a week of posting because we were traveling to the northerly of our two birth states. But for anyone who’s been waiting with bated breath (what exactly does that mean, “bated” breath? It sounds kinda gross. Like chum-breath or something like that. Hope nobody was eating). Anyhow, another kinda big week in the garden, so let’s get to it, shall we? Continue reading

Zucchini Down!!!

28 Jun

You’re shocked, right? It’s only been a week, and here I am already giving you a new garden update. I promise to be brief this time, for once. So, let’s get to it: Continue reading

I’d probably be bad at farming

12 Apr The Good Gardener
The Good Gardener

The Good Gardener Planting Carrots

Mostly because I’m constantly forgetting things. Like the other night, when we were planting the carrots, Panda pointed out the (broken) rake I’d failed to throw in the garbage that was hanging on the side of the swing set.  And then on her way back from the trash can, picked up the ax I’d left leaning against a tree and took it back to its home in the shed. All the while, I also forgot to plant as many carrots as I’d meant to, and last week I was supposed to plant arugula but had somehow convinced myself that it wasn’t in our plans for this year’s garden, despite the fact that its in the spreadsheet – both in the “planting and care” tab and on the “garden plan” layout. If I’m gonna make a spreadsheet, I should remember that its only useful as a planning tool if I return to it from time to time to make sure that I’m actually following the plan.

In any case, here’s what I planted last night after work:

  • 6 more square feet of Cosmic Purple Carrots (~192 seeds, but more likely somewhere between that and ~288; carrot seeds are tiny – its hard to make sure there are exactly two per hole), again at ~1″ spacing, plan is to thin them to 16 plants per square foot
  • 9 squares of Arugula (Somewhere between ~432 seeds and ~576 seeds; arugula seeds are tinier than carrot seeds. I think I probably got somewhere between 3 and 4 seeds per hole despite my best intentions of putting only 2 in), also at ~1″ spacing with a plan to thin them to 16 plants per square foot.

Up top, there’s a picture of the good farmer in our family planting carrot seeds from Sunday night. And here’s an after shot, happy, watching Puppersmith-Jones run after his ball.

Watching the Wonderpup

Wondering why her eyes aren't closed this time?

Sowing the Seeds Of…

10 Apr

… carrots and cucumbers and spinach.

That’s right kiddo, more seeds went into the ground today.

  • 96x Cosmic Purple Carrots (plan to thin that to 48), outdoors @ ~1.5″ spacing (16 holes per square foot)
  • 8x Edmonson Pickling Cucumbers, indoors @ 2″ spacing
  • 18x Bloomsdale Spinach, (plan to thin to 9)

And that’s it. Though I just looked at our spreadsheet and noticed that Arugula was supposed to go outside last weekend. But now its dark, so it’ll likely have to wait ’til at least tomorrow.