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Bible Study: Milk and Health

11 Dec

This week we took on the “Milk and Health” section of the dairy chapter of McGee’s book. This section focused on the usefulness of milk for infants, why other species’ milks aren’t the right milk for the development of said infants, milk allergies, lactose intolerance, and osteoporosis.  McGee made an interesting point about how the average adult (of non-Northern-European origin) on earth can tolerate something on the order of a cup of milk per day, while the U.S. government was recommending roughly four times that amount in its nutrition guidance. While the USDA nutrition guidance has since changed (featuring a much smaller role for dairy), the role of the government in simultaneously promoting health and dairy agriculture is… schizophrenic, to say the least. Continue reading


We did some more (trans)planting!

15 May

Hopefully the transplants won’t be rejected…

Saturday and Sunday, May 7-8, we transplanted all the stuff we’d been growing under lights in the basement. And we went a little off the reservation too. So here’s what happened: Continue reading

Collards and Chard and Okra!

4 Apr

Oh my!

New seeds just went in the (indoor) ground again today. Meanwhile, the spinach seeds we planted a couple weeks ago have started sprouting their heads up above the ground, which is reassuring me about the ability of what seems like uber-crappy-clay-y soil to grow stuff. Either that or the green seedlings poking up are grass growing back where there used to be grass. Which I would be less thrilled about. I’m utterly convinced that there are a number of things that we’re doing the “hard way” because of some sort of ill-defined philosophical bent. In any case, here’s what went into the seed-starting medium downstairs today:

  • 8 x Hill Country Heirloom Red Okra @ ~3.5″ spacing
  • 8 x Variegated Collards @ ~1.5″ spacing
  • 30 x Rainbow (Five Color Silverbeet) Swiss Chard @ ~1″ spacing.

FYI – the tomatoes are rocking the seedlings this last week. Meanwhile, only one little basil has courageously poked her head above the ground. Hopefully her siblings will follow soon. The peppers and eggplant all seem to be rockin’ out with their socks off though.