Knitting for a Big Belly

31 Mar
My Belly from 23 weeks to 32 weeks

My Belly from 23 weeks to 32 weeks

There is something of a pregnancy boom in our lives.  We’re at that age, I guess, where our friends are decided en masse to get themselves knocked up. Of course, we were not immune from this desire. As you can see, my belly is growing at a remarkable rate. Our little Bug-to-be is making me alternately tired, excited, terrified and somewhat manically happy.

Kibo and sweater

Kibo loves the camera

Bug and his soon-to-be playmates have filled my list of to-dos for the foreseeable future. So many tiny sweaters, blankets and quilts to make. However, I wanted to make one last thing for me before I got started with the all the crafts in miniature.

For Christmas this year I got a bunch of beautiful teal yarn and a copy of the knit.wear magazine.  I was immediately drawn towards the Lark Cardigan, by Pam Allen, because it looked both cozy and like something I could wear over my future protruding belly without problem. The stitch pattern is really beautiful and it is a fun pattern to knit up.  The collar took forever, but I love the drapiness of it in the finished product.  Incredibly frustratingly though, I discovered, after I tried it on for the first time, that the cast on edge was just too loose.  Instead of hanging down nicely, the edge looks ruffly. I have learned my lesson for the future – mostly that I actually need to learn other cast on methods (something I have so far steadfastly refused to do). I am going to try to wash the sweater and block it a bit, despite the fact that the yarn is acrylic, to see if that helps at all.

In the meantime, no point in crying over spilled milk.  I’m moving on to a baby knitting project, one of my old favorites Sheldon the turtle, for a friend and a baby quilting project for us.

Baby quilt in progress

Baby quilt in progress


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