Wool in a heat wave

12 Sep

I have a sickness. In the hottest summer I can remember, I have spent a not insignificant portion of my time covered in wool.  Because I can’t stop.  The crazier things get – and they have been kinda crazy with the move and impromptu remodel of our kitchen (to be discussed) – the more I want to drop everything and knit.  Nervous, anxious energy is cast out as I cast on (I’m sorry, I spend too much time with a certain person who makes exceedingly bad puns).

My first project of the summer/spring was a sweater for me.  Back when Knitty started and I had a tremendously boring day job I used to spend a portion of every

Pattern is Shapely Boyfriend by Stephanie Japel

See all the details here: http://ravel.me/fasterpanda/c5wy7

day looking at the patterns and wishing I had more time and money for yarn.  Now, years later, I’ve actually finished a Knitty sweater designed by the talented Stefanie Japel. Plus, I got to work through a bunch of old stash yarn left over from a blanket that I made for a friend’s wedding two years ago.

This sweater was actually done in April, but it took me until June to find buttons that I liked well enough.  Now I’m going to have to wait until October to wear it.

See all the details here: http://ravel.me/fasterpanda/vrvue

The second project of the summer is just getting wrapped up now.  It is a pattern that I love from Mason Dixon Knitting.  I’m making this blanket for my sister to celebrate her wedding.  This is the second time I’ve made this blanket.  It is super easy, if a bit tedious (especially the part I’m at now – weaving in all those ends). This is a pattern that screams for variations on the theme.  Different colors, different widths, etc. I’m making one for us next.  Just one more way to feed the addiction.


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