Moving and moving on

12 Jul

It hasn’t been a good seasonWe did grow some things... for our garden.  Not because it isn’t growing, but because it is growing without any real intervention by us. Half of our beds have been taken over by volunteer plants.  (I’m secretly excited about that though. The rogue plants are all cherry tomatoes which are my favorite.) The other half are surviving the Derecho and this summer’s heat wave like they were/are no big deal.

It isn’t a good season because our hearts haven’t been in it this year. Bolt has certainly gone through the motions (and by motions I mean repetitive digging motions), but I think we have both checked out.  We even bought grass seed yesterday to fill in the beds that Bolt so nicely dug. All of this to say, we aren’t giving up on gardening all together – just on this garden, because we are moving at the end of this month to our very own patch of ground!

We’re looking forward to our adventure as homeowners. Despite the anxiety that this whole home buying process has engendered. How and when we’ll be sharing our adventures here is yet to be determined, but we hope that we can continue to do so.


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    […] I can’t stop.  The crazier things get – and they have been kinda crazy with the move and impromptu remodel of our kitchen (to be discussed) – the more I want to drop everything […]

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