Zucchini Down!!!

28 Jun

You’re shocked, right? It’s only been a week, and here I am already giving you a new garden update. I promise to be brief this time, for once. So, let’s get to it:

Look at her grow!

As you can see things are going along quite nicely. Mostly. Some of the beans are harvest-able now, there’s a jalapeno that’s about ready to be picked, and I noticed baby tomatoes and cucumbers all over the place recently. Also, the carrots should be ready soon too. Here’s the one we pulled because I’ve been getting impatient not knowing how big the thing underground was:

Cosmic! What you can’t really tell from this photo is that the darker, upper part of the carrot is a nice rich purple. It’s really quite striking. I fussed with the white balance on the photo a bit before finally settling on making the white kitty-litter box (behind the carrot greens, we’re using it as an oregano planter). Our first carrot weighed in at a little over half an ounce. I’m not entirely certain, because somebody just had to take a bit of it before we could weigh it. It is a delicious carrot, in any case. Kind of spicy.

So, the other, kind of disturbing news, is that we seem to have lost our first cucumber. It grew to about 4 inches, then the bottom of it started to rot, and then the rot started spreading up the fruit. A little bit of internet research leads me to believe this was likely blossom-end rot (BOR, I’ve also seen it called “bottom-end rot”). As I understand it, this is a problem that affects tomatoes, squashes, melons, and cucumbers, and results from one of two things: inconsistent watering (too much, too infrequently, too little, etc.), or a lack of calcium in the soil, or both. Since we’ve been decent – not perfect, but pretty good – about making sure the garden stays pretty well hydrated (thankfully, we’ve had a good stretch of pretty consistent rain in recent weeks), I’m pretty sure that it’s a calcium issue with our soil. A little further research led me to an organic calcium-rich, foliar spray. Panda went and picked it up at the garden center, and the dude who helped her out there suggested that instead of spraying it on the leaves and fruit, as suggested by the packaging, to spray it around the base of the plant. At least that’s what I remember. In any case, I sprayed some around the base of all of the potentially affected plants today (tomatoes, cucumbers, squashes), and hopefully that’ll take care of things. Tomorrow I’ll add some organic fertilizer to the beds as well. Fingers crossed.

On the grow!Meanwhile, maybe I mentioned that we bought ourselves a Meyer lemon tree as a mutual Valentine’s day gift this year? It’s been rocking pretty hard. My q-tip pollination seems to have seriously taken off. Check it out over there on  the right.

Oh, since I forgot to document before, I’ll mention: the zucchini variety we’re growing is “Black Beauty”.

We also had a big weekend last weekend, so here’s a little taste of the deliciousness to come in the next post:

They're sour!


One Response to “Zucchini Down!!!”

  1. pandabolt June 28, 2011 at 8:42 pm #

    Guess that promise to be brief thing didn’t really work out, huh?

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