An update (including our first harvests!)

22 May

So it’s been two weeks since I took a picture of the garden, so let’s get that out of the way right off the bat:

Beans, beans, good for your heart!So, you might be asking yourself right now, what is that you’re looking at? Well, here’s your answer:

  1. Pole Beans. Rocking pretty hard. They’re impressive little dudes, honestly. Back there in the back, in the left-hand bed (the most visible green thing in the Back 33).
  2. Spinach, on it’s last legs. Noticed tonight as we were picking some for a pizza (in the oven right now) that it’s starting to bolt. We’ll harvest the rest this week, eat it, and probably replant with something else. Maybe those winter squash seeds that I’m pretty sure were supposed to go in last week?
  3. Rocket, rockin’ it hard. That’s the arugula in the back of the right hand bed, after a pretty heavy harvest last night to make a salad for our vegan friends who came over for some bocce and dinner . And we also managed to give them a pretty decent-sized bag to take home, and I’m pretty sure we’ll be eating arugula again at least once this week.
  4. Carrots, in between the spinach and arugula, finally visible in a photo. A couple of them are getting right big these days.
  5. Okra, some of which survived the transplant, two of which did not. Right-hand side of the back of the Back 33.
  6. A whole bunch of tomato plants (8 or so?), minus the two that didn’t survive.
  7. Two cucumber plants, again two didn’t survive. (I’m sensing a theme of  suicide pacts between plant buddies here – the ones that are dying are always pairs right next to each other).
  8. An eggplant that looks seriously iffy, front-ish of the Back 33.
  9. Jalapeno also looks pretty iffy. Right behind the eggplant.
  10. Sweet peppers are mostly doing ok, one of them looks a little weak. Left-hand side of  the Back 33.
  11. Collards and Chard are both rockin’ their little hearts out, front-ish to middle-ish of the Back 33, but those are still seedlings and probably nearly invisible even if you click through to the big version of the photo.
  12. Front and center on the Back 33 is something that I’m fairly certain is our summer squash. Or it might be a weed. First not-seed leaves started today, so I’ll monitor for a week or so.

As you, dear reader, might’ve noticed, I mentioned several times that we’ve started harvesting various greens. Almost a full pound, in fact! We’re up to 15 and 3/8 ounces of produce (so far) that we didn’t have to buy from a market or store. Totally solid, I think, three weeks after our first safely-frost free date in our first year of gardening in something other than the emptied out kitty litter buckets.


2 Responses to “An update (including our first harvests!)”

  1. Aleksandra May 24, 2011 at 8:55 am #

    if you harvest after a rain and weigh your produce, is that cheating?

    we have been loving the arugula you gave us over the weekend. it didn’t even taste like dog pee at all!

    • pandabolt May 25, 2011 at 5:38 pm #

      God gave us the rain to help boost our stats. I can’t very well try to tell Him that’s not fair, can I? Glad you like it; that slightly bitter, spicy flavor that you associate with arugula? Think again 😉

      Meg found some fantastic looking vegan grilling recipes that don’t rely on trying to make TVP taste/look/smell like meat that I’d love to try, should y’all feel like coming around again sometime soon for Part Deux of Bocce, Beer, and something that starts with a B that means “eating”. Our grill is woefully underused to this season to date, after all…

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