We did some more (trans)planting!

15 May

Hopefully the transplants won’t be rejected…

Saturday and Sunday, May 7-8, we transplanted all the stuff we’d been growing under lights in the basement. And we went a little off the reservation too. So here’s what happened:

Collards and Chard were both looking a little sickly, so we didn’t bother transplanting them; we just started new seeds directly in the garden. Then we went to work transplanting stuff. But we lost count of how many tomatoes we had transplanted, and ended up putting two extra seedlings in the Back 33. That pushed everything down by a foot in the western two rows of that bed, resulting in one square that is now double-planted with chard and an eggplant seedling, and another square foot that is double-planted with bell peppers and collards. We only ended up with three basil seedlings – I think we underplanted? – but we went ahead and direct-sowed a couple more.

Now, a week later, at least one of the okras appears to have not survived the transplant, and the cucumbers look a little weak, but i think they have a fighting chance. There’s also the possibility that the visible vegetation is suffering while the roots re-establish themselves, so I have my fingers crossed that maybe things will spring back to life after all.  In case any of our tens of readers are interested, here’s what the garden plan looks like, now revised to reflect the overlap of collards/pepper and eggplant/chard:
The best spreadsheets are useless when you forget to refer to them.

I’ll update again soon after we have a better idea of how well everything survived the transplant. In the meantime, I think we might try something a little different for the next go-round: newspaper cups for seedlings! easier transplanting, easier hydration control while they’re still in the tray. Sounds brilliant to me.

So, here’s a picture of the garden – spinach and arugula both rockin’ pretty hard:

And here’s a photo of a carrot, just to prove that they really are growing in there in between the spinach and arugula (on the left), and a photo of a tomato baby (on the right). Because people are suckers for pictures of babies.

Look at him grow!

Cosmic Purple Carrot Seedling.

freshly transplanted

Freshly transplanted baby Cherokee Purple Tomato

P.S. We harvested our first crop of spinach on Friday. So, thus far, we’ve harvested 5 ounces of fresh produce from the backyard. I think that’s a pretty auspicious start.


One Response to “We did some more (trans)planting!”

  1. pandabolt May 16, 2011 at 6:58 am #

    Apparently we like purple fruits and veggies…

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