A Weekend Chock Full o’ Projects

2 May

So, Panda’s in Africa again, which means it was a project weekend for Puppersmith and me. First off, we plowed the back forty (i.e. we double-dug the second – of two – garden beds. Its the back forty because it’s the one further from the house, though maybe it should be the back 33, since it’s only 33 square feet). We also got the lawn mowed, bought a bunch of asparagus, and canned a bunch of asparagus.

As for the canning:

The pickled asparagus (Put ’em Up Recipe) I think is fine, but the just plain (i.e. in water, pressure-canned, Ball Book) almost all floated to the top of the jar. I think this is a function of me using the raw pack method, not blanching the asparagus first, and possibly because I just plain didn’t get them in there tight enough. In any case, we’ve got three pints I don’t trust and plan to use up this week, and one pint that I’ll leave in the larder, along with the two pints of pickled asparagus. I also suffered a minor scald while doing this. Panda – I didn’t mention it on the phone because it’s not a big deal. But it does hurt when you lose your grip on a pot of boiling water you’re trying to dump in the sink… I’ll try to add a picture of the jars when I a) remember to take a picture and b) have a good day for taking window-sill jar photos.

This was the weekend we were scheduled to transplant all the stuff that’s been growing indoors, but I wanted to wait for Panda to get home so she can share the fun on that one. I also forgot to plant the beans and dill that were supposed to go directly in the ground this weekend, so that’ll have to happen next weekend as well. In the meantime, enjoy this picture of a fresh-dug garden bed alongside one with spinach rockin’ it’s heart out (up front, on the left), arugula doin’ it’s thing too (way back there on the left, the green stuff, kinda hard to see), and carrots are also sprouting all over the place in between, though they’re still so small they’re pretty much impossible to see in this image. I’ve added the brick border and leveled off the soil since this picture was taken, which you can see next week after we transplant everything.

Check out them greens!

Update: I totally forgot to mention this earlier, but was just reminded because I just did it again. In other “growing-food” related news, I… how do I put this in polite company…  screw it. I Inseminated a plant for the first time this weekend. That’s right. The lemon tree and I got intimate with each other. A Q-tip (r) was involved. Now you know. And yes, I do feel a little dirty about it. I was always vaguely aware of the slightly… erotic nature of plants. Now I’m intimately aware. And I don’t think I’ll ever be able to look at that tree in exactly the same way.

The tree is still inside, as it’s a bit cold yet for it to go out on the porch full time, but the blossoms are going strong, and I don’t think the tree’ll make it out in time for the bees to do their job, so I did it for them. Fingers crossed, we’ll have lemons after a little while.  Didn’t figure this was enough news for a post of its own though, and well, it was part of the weekend work. So you know. It got an update.


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    […] As you can see up there, things are still kicking pretty strong. The cucumbers on the right-hand side have even started to reach the top of their little tripod. I was looking back at pictures of the garden over the course of its life this spring (and now summer) before I started writing this, and it really is striking how much it’s changed. You can see a picture of it back when it was just a few spinach and arugula seedlings and a fresh dug bed over here. […]

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