What I do when I’m not at home

22 Jan

Work trips are really a mixed blessing.  Before the holidays I spent nearly three weeks in Gaborone, Botswana.  On the one hand, it is hard being so far away from my home and the people and animals that love me.  On the other, I get to go on safari as a perk of the job.  And I get to knit.  A lot.

You see, given a situation where I am in a country where I know no one and have several unscheduled evenings, I knit.  During this last trip I got lucky and had a hotel room with a movie channel; so I watched old movies, ordered room service and hunkered down. Three weeks later, I emerged with a sweater. Just in time (sort of) for its delivery as Bolt’s birthday present.

I only made one change to the original pattern. I really dislike the way that garter stitch looks, so I changed all of the border work to seed stitch. Otherwise, it was a rather straightforward attempt. I love the way the saddle shoulder construction works and I think it looks sharper and structural than a normal raglan. The pattern directions had me all sorts of tripped up on the shoulders, I just think it was written for someone who had already constructed a shoulder like that before. Those of us who tend to rely on shear force of will over experience get there in the end, even if it does take a little longer.

All he needs now is a bubble pipe and a serious tome to round out the ensemble.


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